He Got Tired Of People Parking On His Property, What Happened Next Is Brilliant!


A farmer from Croatia became tired of drivers parking on his farmland, despite multiple pleas to find somewhere else to park. The farmers ultimately decided to take matters into their own hands, with hilarious results – revenge can be sweet.

Croatian farmer Pavao Bedekovic has told families who attend a Sunday flea market near his farm the same thing over and over again: Don’t park on my land.

After all of these people had failed to obey his polite requests to stop, this farmer came up with a creative solution that they simply couldn’t ignore.

It didn’t take him long to hop on and “get to work,” because all the man needed for his brilliant revenge plot to work was to use his trusty tractor.

Well, you will have to be the judge whether if the farmer goes too far…

Bedekovic works really hard and demands the respect he deserves, and there is no question that it also would include respect for his farmland but he wasn’t getting any of it.

Bedekovic, on the other hand, had to watch as his farmland was turned into a temporary parking lot instead of being treated with respect.

On Sundays, there is a popular flea market that is often held nearby, there are not only many vendors, but also a lot of visitors as well and People will often drive in from other towns or cities, and there are plenty of individuals who have decided that Pavao’s property was a great place to park, although Bedekovic’s large farm is a bit secluded, however, the farmer didn’t like this one bit when people were parking their vehicles on his land without his permission.

Bedekovic, at first, politely asked the drivers not to use his private space as a parking lot, trying to be neighborly but Bedekovic was repeatedly being ignored after he repeatedly doing this, and still as they visited that local flea market, he noticed that they still continued to park on his land each Sunday.

It still continued to fall on deaf ears, even after Pavao would try to tell these individuals not to park on his land, week after week. So he decided that it was time to teach them a serious lesson when Bedekovic finally had had enough.


The farmer was fed up and decided that he was going to escalate the matter to get his point across, He definitely did something, after continuing to be ignored.

The farmer began plowing the soil with his farm equipment, and he ultimately created a long trench between two different stretches of vehicles that were parked on his land. This made it impossible for the cars to get out and go their merry way after they visited his area.

Yeppers, the farmer not only boxed these cars in, but he also went to work plowing his soil and getting his crops ready. However, the cars that were constantly parking on his land every time a flea market was in town wouldn’t be able to escape as easily.

His solution was both creative and brilliant, but there were quite a few individuals who felt that he went too far. In fact, in the midst of the cars that kept struggling to get out, he was eventually reported to the police by many of them simply because the drivers were claiming that their cars had been damaged.

However, regardless of the fact that he got into several altercations with these individuals, it was still his private land, and after the police determined that there had been no damage to the cars, they told these motorists that there was nothing they could do.


Here, we see a photo of a driver who is stuck, and yet another one who has learned her lesson the hard way from this Croatian farmer.

Stuck Car

Of course, the aftermath was all caught on camera as well, but all that did was make the fed-up farmer’s revenge all the better as some of his supporters got a first-hand look at the result of this perfect plan that served as a means to send a message to the rude drivers who had disrespected not only his property but his personal wishes as well.

It became immediately clear that most of these drivers immediately understood what it was like to be inconvenienced as they were now stuck in the dirt while they tried to escape this agitated farmer’s clever trap. However, proving the kind of guy this Croatian farmer really was, he immediately stepped in and helped them to get out. Needless to say, this farmer probably won’t have to worry about people parking on his property without his permission ever again.

Either way, this property belongs to the farmer and farmer alone. Simple as that.

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