He Shot A Man That He Thought Was An Intruder, Then He Learned A Horrible Secret About Him…


An Alabama man defended his home against what he believed to be an intruder, only to discover that the ‘intruder’ was his wife’s secret lover, living in the same house unbeknownst to him.

Deep within the heart of Creola, Alabama, a classic American home became the set of an almost unreal saga on August 15. Frank Reeves, a proud homeowner and husband, found himself embroiled in a dramatic, gun-slinging confrontation with a man he believed to be trespassing in his home. This unexpected showdown led to both men sustaining injuries, though fortunately, life prevailed over tragedy.

In the throes of the struggle, a jaw-dropping revelation was made. The apparent home-invader, Michael Amacker, was no stranger to the premises; he had been living secretly under the same roof for almost a year, shared intimately with the homeowner’s wife. The seemingly secure domestic walls of Reeves’ house had, unbeknownst to him, been concealing a secret affair for months.

Michael Amacker, 53, is facing attempted murder, possession of a controlled substance and weapons charges following a Sunday, Aug. 15, 2021, shooting in Creola, Alabama.

Mystifyingly, Amacker’s uninvited residency in the home had somehow escaped the attention of Reeves, leading to bewilderment amongst authorities trying to make sense of this unusual situation. “It’s somewhat bizarre,” remarked Mobile County Sheriff’s Captain Paul Burch, expressing his confusion over how Amacker could live, unnoticed, in the home.

The shocking revelation of this domestic double-cross spread rapidly, leaving netizens baffled. Twitter user Ed Clark noted, “Tracy Reeves informed her husband Frank Reeves that there was an ‘intruder’ inside their Creola home. Frank, who was armed, encountered Michael Amacker, who was also armed, inside the home. The two men shot at each other, injuring themselves.”

Upon their arrival, local authorities uncovered telltale signs of Amacker’s secret life, including multiple jars of urine suggesting an extended period of clandestine residence. The ensuing firefight saw both men brandishing their firearms, with Amacker receiving wounds to his leg and elbow and Reeves suffering a chest wound.

Law enforcement responded by charging Amacker with attempted murder, possession of a firearm with an altered license, and possession of a controlled substance, illuminating the severity of his offenses.

Adding yet another twist to this already tangled story, authorities found Amacker and Tracy Reeves under the influence of methamphetamine at the scene. This revelation hinted at the drug-fueled dynamics of their secret affair. As Captain Burch stated, methamphetamine often induces paranoia and compulsive chatter, hinting at the possibility of a broader network aware of the unusual domestic situation.

News of this shocking affair took the neighborhood by surprise. One resident commented on the typically tranquil nature of Reeves, expressing disbelief over the scandal rocking their quiet community.

“I just know that they’ve had some problems in the past,” neighbor said.“Frank is a very calm person. He’s very nice. He cuts his grass and does things around the house. There’s nothing ever going on over there much, but he is a very good person.”

Further investigations by the police revealed that Amacker and Tracy Reeves‘ relationship was not a recent fling. In fact, it was a long-term affair fueled by methamphetamine, with Tracy providing Amacker with both sustenance and a hideout within her matrimonial home. This shocking tale of domestic deception continues to unravel, proving that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction.

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Source: AWM