He Started Throwing Down With An Old Man, And Got Hit With A Big Dose Of Karma….


Never mess with an old man packed with experience. Some of these old guys have been in more and bigger fights than you can imagine.

This is exactly what happened to a young aggressive punk getting an instant reality check after attempting to attack an elderly man. All it takes is one punch and the other dude is on the ground.

The video shows an elderly man standing outside of a shopping center with a bag on the ground next to him. A man wearing a black hoodie and baggy jeans can be seen approaching the elderly man aggressively after dropping his backpack on the ground.

The man filming the incident, presumably a friend of the attacker, is heard saying “Oh, you’re going after him.”

“I’m gonna hurt ya,” the older man warns his challenger before the fight.

And hurt him he did.

As the cameraman astutely observed, the challenger was in fact “knocked the f*** out.”

He grabs his bag and walks away.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of watching low-resolution street fights on the internet, it’s that old guys hit like Mack Trucks. This video is just further proof of that fact.

It makes sense when you think about it. Back when I was in Boy Scouts, they wouldn’t let us play dodgeball because it was too rough.

When this elderly gentleman was a teenager they probably had fights just for fun. I know which generation I’d bet on in a fight, and it’s not my own.

Photo Credit: YouTube via Conservative Media, YouTube via WorldStarHipHop

According to Opposing Views, folks online shared their thoughts about the video on Facebook.

“You punks be very careful when you start harassing and picking on senior citizens,” one user commented. “You have no way of knowing what war they went through or what their background is. A great many of us have not forgotten old skills or can still take care of ourselves. Also, be aware of who might have a license to carry concealed. Just saying, easy pickings may not be so easy!”

“WAY TO GO,” another viewer wrote. “My dad once told me, don’t ever under estimate an older man they didn’t get old by being stupid . GOD BLESS YOU my Brother. And dude get a job, and for petes sakes pick up your pants you look RIDICULOUS !!!”

“Older generations were raised to be men and women strong,” another user added. “No snowflakes, when a bully came up we stood up. Maybe got ass kicked, but we had respect and our dignity.”

Watch the satisfying knockout below:

Sources: OpposingViews, Conservative Media