Her Explanation For Refusing To Split The Bill On A Date Is Absolutely….


In a bold stand against modern dating norms, a young woman asserts that men should always pay the bill on dates, sparking a heated debate about traditional values and gender roles.

It all started when a striking 24-year-old woman insisted that a man should cover the entire bill during a date, critics on social media were quick to label her a “gold digger” and “selfish.” Ella Freimann, however, argues that the time and effort she invests in looking her best for her date should be acknowledged and rewarded by her companion picking up the tab.

Freimann may expect her dates to be financially generous, but she emphasizes that she is not solely focused on the monetary aspect when choosing romantic partners. As a New York City-based dating coach, she advises numerous clients on how to captivate men and encourages them to take care of their expenses during dates.

Though Freimann does not impose her own expectations on her clients, she holds herself to high standards when it comes to her personal relationships. Confident in her own worth, she anticipates that her date will take care of the bill, rather than insisting on splitting it.

Freimann told NeedToKnow.co.uk, “By splitting the bill, I’m consenting to form a bond with a man who doesn’t understand his role in a relationship and expects me to make up for the 50 percent he lacks.”

Furthermore, she added, “I’ve learned that men who split the bill don’t appreciate the time and effort a woman invests in looking her best for that man. Fifty-fifty men fail to comprehend that the woman’s commitment was made prior to the date.”

For Freimann, it’s not just about the money. She believes that women put significant effort into looking their best for their dates, while men simply need to show up and be willing to pay for the meal or outing.

By ensuring her date foots the bill, Freimann maintains her self-respect and avoids negative experiences with men who are unwilling to cover the cost when the check arrives.

“Most people believe we’re selfish, but I don’t think that’s accurate,” she explained. “A high-value woman is aware of her worth and expects the same in return. A common misconception is that we don’t work or are lazy, but a woman with high dating standards ensures that the man can provide for both parties if she chooses not to work.”

Freimann also highlighted that many women build their businesses and focus on themselves while being supported by a man, and it’s not just about physical beauty. She emphasized the value that women bring to relationships, such as emotional stability, nurturing qualities, and support.

Source: AWM