Here We GO! New Audit Has Been Granted!


If there has ever been something that needs to be checked and checked again, it is the election results.

Given how crowded the whole thing has been, they really need to go through this with a fine-tooth comb, and then one that’s even finer.

It’s not like there is anything major at stake, just the fate of the free world and all….so maybe that explains why so many liberals are acting like the election being stolen from a rightful candidate is nothing to worry about.

The GOP has announced their findings from an audit of a sample of 100 ballots, causing a larger audit to be granted.

A lawsuit was recently filed in Arizona by the GOP, requesting to audit a sample of 100 duplicate ballots to prove massive voter fraud occurred. According to Dr. Kelli Ward, Chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, “when there’s a damaged ballot, or for some reason the machine cannot read a ballot… election workers recreate that ballot, they duplicate it for the voter, and it’s either fed back into the machine or created electronically.”

Judge Randall Warner ruled that signatures from 100 ballot envelopes and 100 duplicated could be inspected. “I’m inclined to err on the side of transparency and air these things out,” the judge said.

Trouble in Arizona

On the night of the election, many people thought that President Trump was going to win Arizona easily, until mainstream media outlets, like Fox News, called the state for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The Gateway Pundit points out a possible conspiracy surrounding the Arizona election, writing: “Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden on election night while voters were still standing in line. Fox News calling Arizona for Joe Biden gave cover to the corrupt Democrat machine in Maricopa County to produce enough ballots for Biden to backfill the number votes projected by Fox News.”


A judge made the decision to allow a review of 100 random ballots to determine if fraud occurred in Arizona.

On Wednesday, the Arizona GOP announced the findings of their audit, stating that two ballots out of the 100 had been altered and removed from President Trump’s total.

According to their findings, one ballot had been changed from Trump to Biden, and another was completely taken away from Trump. This equals a 3% margin of fraud in favor of Biden.

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