HOLY SH*T!! Here Is The REAL Reason Comey Finally Decided To Reopen Hillary Investigation….MASSIVE WHISTLEBLOWER!

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FBI director James Comey stunned the world on Friday when he sent a letter to leaders of Congress informing them that the FBI would be reopening the investigation into Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

While Republicans and conservatives cheered this announcement (and Democrats cried conspiracy), many political commentators started to speculate as to why Comey chose to announce his investigation at that particular moment.

Theories have ranged from the FBI working with the KGB to Comey realizing he was going to upset people no matter what he did.

But former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay believed that the explanation was actually much more interesting than that, Newsmax reported.

“A few weeks ago, almost 100 agents were threatening Comey that they were going to resign — and that kind of pressure is what turned him around,” DeLay said.

That theory, while unconfirmed, agreed with multiple reports that hundreds of FBI agents were absolutely livid with Comey when he chose not to recommend an indictment for Clinton.

“If 100 FBI agents resigned before the election, he would have been toast,” DeLay explained.

Indeed, having 100 FBI agents resign a week before the election probably would have done more damage to Clinton than the Friday announcement has. All those resignations would have proven that the FBI had done the wrong thing by not moving forward to indict Clinton — or at least that a lot of FBI agents thought so.

The reopened investigation is going to take months to conclude, and it has led to what some have called a potential “constitutional crisis.” We could potentially be electing a president who could be indicted by the FBI before she even sets foot in the White House.

Of course there is one way to prevent that from ever happening: Go out and vote against Clinton!


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