Howard Stern Finally Comes Forward, Shocks The Nation With The Truth About Trump Tapes


It has been a tough month for Donald Trump on the campaign trail. He has an uphill battle to win over women after a video of him making lewd comments with Billy Bush surfaced this month. That release was followed by the release of many other clips with similar comments.

Many of these clips stemmed from interviews on the Howard Stern Show. Now, the public is pressuring Stern to replay all of his interviews with the billionaire businessman.

Fortunately, Stern is not having any of it. In fact, he recently spoke out against the mainstream media for digging up the old quotes in the first place. He believes Trump’s comments were well within the show’s normal fare.


“These conversations that I had with Donald Trump weren’t done in private like the Billy Bush tapes,” Stern said during his show on Monday. “This was on the radio. Why don’t I play all the tapes? I have to tell you why—I feel Donald Trump did the show in an effort to be entertaining and have fun with us, and I feel like it would be a betrayal to any of our guests if I sat there and played them now where people are attacking him.”

“I fully knew what I was doing when I interviewed Trump,” Stern continued. “I knew I had a guy who loved to talk about sex. I had a guy who loved to evaluate women on a scale of 1 to 10. These are avenues I went down because I knew it would entertain the audience.

“Quite frankly, as someone just said, I’m surprised they didn’t find these earlier,” Stern concluded. “There’s nothing to find. As the guy said, they were right there in the open.”


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  1. Sadly we live in a society that has NO sense of humor today. All people care about is putting a good show on for others. And alot of people are sick of being around the phoney hypocrites.Trump didn’t say anything that I haven’t heard before. And I’m sure I’ll hear worse before I’m dead and buried. Kudos to Stern for not wanting to be associated with the media hype. And shame on the instigators who stepped out of their box in the first place and exposed a personal conversation between two men. This country has many problems that are much more important then whos crotch Trump wants to grope……

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