Hunter Just Pitched A Fit And Played His BIDEN CARD!


The Presidential son Hunter Biden, reportedly launches an attack on ex-President Donald Trump in his new memoir “Beautiful Thing.” He accuses Trump of being “a vile man with a vile mission.

American people are always asking, “Where’s Hunter?” and that’s a real question since Hunter seems to be involved in some new “scandal du jour” every month.

The troubled Biden boy is always the topic of some new questionable mess, yet nothing ever seems to be done about it.

Even before, Hunter Biden, who won’t speak in public on these concerning matters, has still managed to find a crafty way to declare his innocence.

He just wrote a book, and used that to give a series of blanket statements about his “innocence.” He also cries about how he’s a “victim” of a right-wing conspiracy and declares he’s never been accused of anything…

Well, of course, he hasn’t been accused of anything — because It’s kinda hard to be accused of something when everyone on earth is covering for you and get a level of liberal privilege and no one has bothered to look into Hunter’s business dealings or laptop, or drugs, or guns.

As a matter of fact, Joe defended him told us the laptop was a “Russian conspiracy,” and the media hid it from everyone.

But that’s not good enough for privileged Hunter – being able to get away with stuff that would land you and me in prison isn’t enough for this spoiled man-baby. He has to rub his tremendous privilege in our faces by declaring he’s innocent and is being victimized in some shameless propaganda book, that he’ll make millions off of.

That will be it, that’s Hunter going on the “recorded” and “addressing” the allegations. That’s all the media, authorities, and Dems need.

Meanwhile, the American people disgusted watching this two-tier justice system unfold.

Well, it looks like Biden Privilege is the highest-quality “liberal privilege” around.

Biden’s memoir, Beautiful Things, describing what it felt like to be in the eye of a political storm over business interests he says “sometimes” unavoidably coincided with his father’s work as vice-president to Barack Obama, Biden writes: “I became a proxy for Donald Trump’s fear that he wouldn’t be re-elected.

“He pushed debunked conspiracy theories about work I did in Ukraine and China, even as his own children had pocketed millions in China and Russia and his former campaign manager [Paul Manafort] sat in a jail cell for laundering millions more from Ukraine.”

He adds: “None of that matters in an up-is-down Orwellian political climate. Trump believed that if he could destroy me, and by extension my father, he could dispatch any candidate of decency from either party, all while diverting attention from his own corrupt behavior.”

Hunter had a brief romantic relationship with Beau’s widow, Hallie, after Beau’s death. “Our relationship had begun as a mutually desperate grasping for love we both had lost, and its dissolution only deepened that tragedy,” he recalls.