If You See A Woman With A Ribbon Tied To Her Bag, The Meaning Is Actually Very….


Amidst the chaos and clamor of modern parenting, a vibrant ribbon tied to a purse becomes an unspoken cry for camaraderie and kindness.

Encapsulating the struggles of contemporary parents, who often find themselves swamped with an array of challenges, Anna Mathur has ignited a new movement. A seasoned psychotherapist, author, and mother, Mathur’s initiative seek to build a community of support for parents, particularly those who are “running on empty.”

Mathur, boasting a following of nearly two hundred thousand on Instagram, is no stranger to the intricacies of parenting and the balancing act of being a mother. She has proposed a colorful and symbolic solution for mothers in need of an emotional boost or a friendly gesture.

The idea is simple: tie a vibrant ribbon to their handbags or purses. This ribbon acts as a sign, a gentle nudge to others indicating that they could do with a little kindness or encouragement as they navigate through their hectic days.

Recounting an incident that sparked this idea, Mathur shared, “I was trudging down the high street, juggling screaming kids and lagging toddlers.”

It was one of those moments where exhaustion hit, where the tank was empty, and she felt at a loss. “I found myself glancing around, yearning for a familiar face, a friend, anyone who could offer a comforting hug or lend a helping hand. I saw other moms, families, and I was certain, at least one of them wished they could have come forward to help. It got me pondering: what keeps us from asking for help? What stops us from extending a hand?”

The idea of the ribbon was born from these contemplations. As a mother herself, Mathur understands the weight of feeling like a failure when seeking support, a sentiment that often hinders the act of reaching out. “I recall that first drop-off at the nursery. I found myself sitting alone in a café, emotions swirling, knowing that someone around me would empathize but not knowing how to approach or whom to confide in.”

The ribbon serves as a silent yet powerful communicator for mothers craving some additional support. It’s a subtle public signal that says, “I am open to some kind words, a supportive gesture, or if you need the same, I am here for you.”

In a rallying cry to fellow parents, Mathur urged, “This ribbon is for those who’ve told me that they’ve declined support in the past, insisting they were ‘fine thanks,’ when they truly weren’t. It’s a statement to yourself, a step towards allowing others to step towards you.”

With a blend of realism and optimism, Mathur acknowledged, “This initiative might soar or it might flop, and I’m alright with that. If it doesn’t work, so be it. But if you’re seeking something a bit more official, I’ve discovered ‘Yo’ buggy tags created by @AMotherPlace and @StacieSwift a few years ago. These tags serve a similar purpose, signaling that you’re open to a chat or to assist a fellow parent. You can find them on the @AMotherPlace website.”

Source: AWM