Illegal Aliens PULL A GUN On Donald Trump Supporter Putting A Sign In His Yard. They Learn Quickly That Was A BAD MOVE

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David Grant put his Trump for President sign in his yard on Woodland Drive in Dalton.

“I’m behind Donald Trump! You mess with Trump, you mess with us!” said Grant.

He believes everyone should stand up for what they believe; little did he know it would lead to an armed stand-off.

On Tuesday, he says three people walked by his yard and apparently didn’t like who he believed in. One man snatched Grant’s Trump for President yard sign and threw it into the street. Grant was outside when it happened, and had words for the trio.

“I said you got one choice. Come and fix this sign!” said Grant.

Grant says he wasn’t going to let the men get away without putting his sign back, but the two adult males and teenager became aggressive. “He said you are about to get a cap popped in your a**! Then he started patting his stomach and then showed a handgun,” said Grant.

Grant says his neighbor who lives across the street had his back the whole time.

“The neighbor was standing out here beside his driveway and sees the man pull the gun out. My neighbor looks at me dead in the eye and say: “I got you, hang on.” He runs in the house and comes back out with his pistol and says: “Nobody is shooting him” said Grant.

The men fled, but not without having final words.

“Saying Spanish words. I don’t know what they were saying!” said Grant.

Their actions caught up with them and Dalton police found the trio afterward on Avenue E.

They now sit behind bars with a laundry list of charges.

“The person who picked up the sign is charged with trespassing. That’s for damaging the sign. The gentleman with the gun is facing an aggravated assault charge,” said Grant.

Mauricio Rodriguez, Hector Ayala, and Alexander Moreno were all charged with violation of Georgia’s Criminal Street Gang Act.


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  1. Not quite the actual story. The three guys threw the sign in the street and walked away. The homeowner pursued them and demanded they put the sign back. It was only when he grabbed one of the three perpetrators that they pulled a gun. Homeowner backed off and the three ran off. Also no mention anywhere of any of the three guys being illegal aliens. I realize this is a right-wing hack site, but you could at least try to get your facts straight you bumbling clowns.

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