Illegal High School Students Brought A Gun To School..Trump Makes Them Pay BIGLY!

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If you think you can come to America illegally, and break our law… ESPECIALLY in our very own public school system in Trump’s America, you better think twice.

Trump just made one illegal alien wish he never came to America in the first place! BOOM!

VIA| Good thing they don’t teach “common sense to illegal immigrants 101” in high school, otherwise these folks might not get deported for bringing a gun to school because they would not have brought a gun to the school in the first place!

Maybe they accidentally went to this class: “how to get your whole f*cking family deported in 5 minutes” taught by a border patrol agent.

I don’t know what they were thinking, but it wasn’t the best decision of their life as three teenage students who were caught with a gun at a high school face possible deportation and other charges.

Three high school students were held by police after a handgun was discovered on the campus of Millbrook High School, in the possession of a 14-year-old student. Two 17-year-old students were also involved and one of them was found to be in the USA ILLEGALLY.

No one was shot or threatened, but in today’s times you cannot bring a gun to a high school and think it’s a good idea – especially if you’re an illegal immigrant and you put your entire illegal family at risk of deportation.

Here’s a math problem: one illegal immigrant plus one handgun at high school equals DEPORTATION!

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