WILMINGTON, DE – JULY 28: Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden delivers a speech at the William Hicks Anderson Community Center, on July 28, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden addressed the fourth component of his Build Back Better economic recovery plan for working families, how his plan will address systemic racism and advance racial economic equity in the United States. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Instead Of Putting Oilmen To Work, Democrats Want TO Have A Gas Stimulus!


Ever since Joe Biden took office, failure becomes a norm, Biden’s regime in partnership with Nancy Pelosi put America in a very bad position as always.

And their latest gift to the American people is the all-time highs of Gas prices. They have all the means to stop the inflation but they choose to be dumb and politicized every good suggestion from their rival party.

Below is the comparison table of gas prices starting last year. Now, it has reached a whopping $4.24 a gallon compared to $2.87 a gallon last year. 

It is really sad to hear that our politicians are more concerned about supremacy than the well-being of their people.

Biden’s regime is always hungry for power, they want control over our lives, they’ll do everything to silence anyone who goes against their narrative.

President Trump made America an energy exporter. Joe Biden shut that down on Day 1 by killing the Keystone Pipeline and shutting off millions of acres for gas and oil exploration and development. China, Russia, Venezuela, and Iran were very pleased with Joe Biden’s energy plan.

Meanwhile, these dumb Democrats politicians are bribing you with your own money, they are preparing for midterm elections so they want to buy voters by giving them $300 a month to pay for their record gas prices.

They don’t have a long-term solution to the problem, Democrats solve a problem with another problem making it even worse in the long run.

More details of this report from The Daily Mail:

With the price of gas rising across the U.S., lawmakers are developing a string of proposals to help motorists – from $400 rebates for all taxpayers in California to imposing windfall taxes on oil companies or a sliding scale of payments that could net families as much as $300 every month.

The average cost of a gallon has raced past $4 a gallon amid domestic inflation and the impact of Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

This week, the average price of a gallon of regular gas in Los Angeles hit a record $6.011, even as the national average continued to decline slightly from the all-time high earlier this month, according to the AAA Gas Price Index.

An opinion poll published Wednesday found that almost three quarters of voters were in favor of a holiday from federal energy taxes to ease the burden.