It Doesn’t Look Like Much, But What’s Behind This Door Is Going For Over A Million Dollars…


In these troubled times, lots of house hunters are seeking security, but just how far are you willing to go to keep your loved ones and most valuable possessions safe? If your answer is ‘all the way’, then this abandoned nuclear fallout shelter left over from the Cold War may be for you.

Buried in a forested area in Xanten, in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany, this industrial relic is currently on the market for nearly 1.65 million through a somewhat unconventional listing source—eBay.

This German nuclear bunker is an 850-square-meter apocalypse survival shelter with concrete walls that are three meters thick and date back to the Cold War.

The eBay classified ad, which has made headlines in Germany, says (in German):

“In the middle of beautiful Xanten is a highly secure haven for you, which will withstand the challenges of protecting a family under the most extreme conditions.

“The huge bunker system extends underground for 850 square metres and convinces with the protection of its three-metre-thick concrete walls. At the time, the bunker was used for various operations by the Bundeswehr [the German Armed Forces].”

Sitting on 8,000 square meters of land – reportedly buildable with the right permits – the fallout shelter comes with a generator, an electrical system, a control panel, water, and oil tanks, its own sanitation system, hefty steel doors, and a warehouse, according to the advert.

The estate agents also say: “The technical facilities and atmosphere of the bunker will take you straight back to an earlier time that few can speak of.”

They also said that it is a very good option for “security” in the “event of a war in Germany”. Other potential uses for the pace include as “a paintball facility” or for “commercial operations”.

But it might need a coat of paint, with the estate agent saying: “A conversion and a change of use to create living space must be examined.”

The estate agents further explained:

“The bunker is generally in good condition, but needs to be cleared out due to items left by previous tenants. Many of the systems would need to be overhauled and checked as the electrical connections were also severed.

“This facility is therefore considered to be in need of renovation. The documents include various circuit diagrams, cable harnesses, documentation, site plans and cross-sections.”

Source: AWM, DailyMail