It’s An Absolutely Sunning Home But Nobody Is Buying It For One Strange Reason…


A lavish estate, located along the picturesque ocean in Southampton, New York, has been on the market for six long years, but it has yet to find a buyer. The property, which boasts four acres of beachfront land and offers breathtaking views of the ocean from the eastern side of Long Island, New York, is named La Dune because of its proximity to beautiful sand dunes.

However, the property is struggling to sell, despite its prime location and stunning features, as the asking price is a whopping $150,000,000.

The property’s owner is Louise Blouin, a controversial Canadian art magazine publisher and collector who has been attempting to sell the beachfront home for the past six years, but to no avail. If the house ends up being sold for the asking price, it would make history as the most expensive home ever sold in the exclusive summer locale, not far from New York City.

Although La Dune is an exquisite property, people seem uninterested in purchasing it, and Blouin has had to resort to renting it out to vacationers for $1.2 million per month. The home was first listed in 2016 for $145 million, and then again in 2019 for $110 million. However, neither time did an interested buyer comes forward to make the sale.

One of the reasons why the property is not selling is due to Blouin’s controversial past. In 2016, her name appeared in the Panama Papers, which was a large release of information about some of the world’s richest people with offshore bank accounts hiding their wealth and assets.

Consequently, she decided to take La Dune off the market and rent it to vacationers for $1 million a month. In the years since 2016, the price has gone up, and now it costs $1.2 million per month to rent La Dune for June, July, or August in the summer months.

In addition to the high rental price, potential buyers must consider the property’s yearly tax cost, which is estimated to be around $130,000. The beachfront property could also be exposed to hurricane storms that come up the coast from the Caribbean, which would make the cost of insurance very high for the new owner.

The estate consists of two separate residences that are separated by hedged lawns. The property includes a pair of pools, an all-weather tennis court, and security gates that keep the public out. The main residence was built in 1897, giving it a rich history, while the guest house was added in 2002.

Blouin’s desire to sell the property stems from her family’s inability to use it as much as they should, given its massive expense. She stated that she spends most of her time in Europe with her family and no longer needs the Long Island residence.

Despite its struggle to sell, La Dune remains a beautiful property that offers a unique opportunity to experience the best of Southampton’s beachfront lifestyle. Its location and features are unmatched, and its history adds to its charm. With a bit of luck, La Dune will find the right buyer who can appreciate its beauty and make it their home.

Source: AWM