It’s Official, Vaccine Passports Have Taken Root In Canada!


Finally, our neighbors from the north speak out… They had enough of these nonsense vaccine passports – people are now outraged by this radical tyrant type of government.

Thousands of Montreal citizens have protested against the new mandate for the implementation of a vaccine passport system that is set to roll out on the 1st of September. This includes mandatory papers that will control individual access in a multitude of settings, such as events, bars, restaurants, and gyms in an effort to force people into taking the experimental jab.

“NO Vaccine Passports” signs have been held, even Trump flags are being displayed too as a massive appearance in the crowd.

Julian Conradson even retweeted Lauren Chen’s tweet with a hashtag, #TrumpWon

Montreal Gazette claimed that this protest was a crowd of “hundreds” but the videos from the ground says it all.

The protest is all about a public debate to reverse the Soviet-style mandate because it is discriminatory and infringes on their civil rights.

No surprise that Government officials denied their requests considering that this may enable them to commit these gross violations of liberty since the Covid dilemma started.

Protesters also are convinced that the majority of new cases are among the vaccinated people and the Government fears that this would potentially fuel “dangerous conspiracy theories.”

On quote: Premier Francois Legault has rejected the idea of a debate, saying it would expose Quebecers to inaccurate, dangerous conspiracy theories about vaccines.

Prime Minister, Justin ‘blackface’ Trudeau, just announced that all federal employees, as well as any travelers on planes, trains, or ships, must be fully vaccinated by the Fall. This is a clear liberal-dominated government that didn’t listen to citizens instead they added even more restrictions as new covid variants spread across Canada.

Canadian protesters are planning to protest until the government makes changes and allows a public forum and they know these tyrants won’t give up their newfound authority without a fight.

Should Americans just wait until this happens? or it’s time to wake up and follow suit?

Sources: The GateWay Pundit, Montreal Gazette