JANE FONDA Just Revealed A SEX ACT She Performs EVERY DAY…


Award-winning actress Jane Fonda recently revealed her unique self-care ritual, one that might make the average person blush. The Hollywood legend divulged her nightly practice of using a vaginal vibrator during a recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, explaining how it helps her relax and unwind at the end of the day.

With the topic of self-care in the spotlight, Fonda openly discussed her use of the vibrator, saying she sees it as an integral part of her routine, just like a soothing bath or a skincare regimen. Despite its risqué nature, the actress finds the experience both relaxing and rejuvenating.

As the conversation between Fonda and Barrymore unfolded, the former brought up her belief that Barrymore, a busy single mother, could also benefit from incorporating a vibrator into her own self-care routine. Initially, Barrymore was hesitant to broach the subject, asking Fonda, “I heard, Jane, you relax with, like, baths and meditations. Is it true that there also might be an adult toy involved?”

Fonda, always one to embrace her sense of humor, replied with a smile, “There is.” She went on to describe how she enjoys using her adult toy every night before drifting off to sleep. To paint a vivid picture for Barrymore, Fonda even disclosed where she keeps her vibrator, teasing that the contents of her top dresser drawer would cause a stir.

The two stars shared a candid moment as Barrymore confessed that she “needed help” in the realm of intimate pleasure. In response, Fonda generously gifted Barrymore a vibrator of her own, neatly packaged in a white box adorned with a yellow bow. The blue and white device was presented as a tool to help Barrymore unwind after long days at the TV studio.

Fonda also touched on the importance of being assertive in matters of personal pleasure, particularly as women grow older.

She said, “We waste way too much time not wanting to say: ‘Wait a minute, hold it, hold it, no, no, no. Slow down, and a little to the left.’ We don’t want to do that. But when we get older, it’s like: ‘No, I know what I want. Give me what I want.'”

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The candid conversation between Fonda and Barrymore demonstrates that self-care takes many forms and that there should be no shame in pursuing personal pleasure. As the Hollywood icon continues to defy expectations and challenge societal norms, her openness, and humor serve as a reminder that, ultimately, life is about living authentically and embracing what brings joy and relaxation.

Source: AWM