Jimmy Kimmel Tries To CRUSH Cruz on ObamaCare… WATCH What Happens


Jimmy Kimmel got owned by Ted Cruz when he tried cornering him about Obamacare — and it was awesome.

The Republican candidate called the Affordable Care Act a ‘disaster’ and stated US law enforcement must do all it can to protect the country from radicalization.

But the ABC late-night show host was quick to make his counter opinions heard and stated he had never heard anyone refer to Obamacare as disastrous.

Cruz suggested that this was because of the millionaires Kimmel is used to hosting on his show, but the presenter responded by saying these are not the only people he hangs around with.
The presidential candidate added that he has heard from small-business owners and voters who are being harmed by increases to healthcare premiums.
He said: ‘I have never done one of those round tables where at least half the small-business owners didn’t list Obamacare as the single biggest challenge they’re facing.’

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