Kamala Is Back In It Deep As A VERY Damaging Tweet Has Resurfaced!


So, four years ago, it was okay to like Dr. Seuss. Is that what I’m getting from this tweet by Kamala Harris from 2017?

In case you didn’t know, yesterday was the national Read Across America Day – an annual day that celebrates all kinds of books, authors, and young readers. It is also a day that celebrates the birthday of the infamous children’s author, Dr. Seuss.

And it’s become somewhat of a tradition for Dr. Seuss’ wild and wacky stories to be celebrated and remembered on Read Across America Day, with numerous former presidents and first ladies promoting and paying tribute to his stories.

So quite predictably, it came as quite a shock to many to hear that Biden has “canceled” Dr. Seuss this year.

And now, as a tweet by Kamala Harris celebrating Dr. Seuss has resurfaced, people are not happy with it.

She wished the now-canceled Dr. Seuss, a beloved American children’s author, a happy birthday adding, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

The GOP Times noted in their report:

Richard Grenell is the former acting DNI responsible for breaking some classified documents out of Adam Schiff’s locked filing cabinet. The ones which proved that the Democrats knew Russiagate was a hoax all along. He was grinning from ear to ear as he retweeted Kamala’s message from March 2, 2017.

“Happy birthday, #DrSeuss! ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’” Dr. Seuss has been canceled. His work is racist so liberals have started banning his books.

Paradoxically, Dr. Seuss’ birthday was chosen as the official “day chosen to honor his legacy and promote literacy.” Now it will promote censorship instead. Harris will have a hard time explaining away this controversy.

Sadly, Dr. Seuss’s books are now being banned from being part of ‘Read Across America’ in some school districts. The woke mob even got the Dr. Seuss Enterprise to stop publishing some of the late author’s books due to triggering depictions of some characters

It’s just insane how in a mere four years, Dr. Seuss is a neo-Nazi and now mathematics is racist. Jeep is being besieged to drop the Cherokee line. People saw Nazism in Amazon’s logo for its app. And people thought that the stage at CPAC resembled an emblem worn by the SS.

These are the times we live in—and it’s terrifying. Also, it’s being conducted by the most insufferable bunch in the country: rich white liberals. The folks who think just because they have some degree in American Studies give them authority to destroy people’s lives and become the protectors of communities of color. Who the hell asked you, authoritarian clowns, to take up that duty? Also, isn’t that a bit problematic in itself?

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