Laura Ingraham Just Took Hateful Alan Dershowitz And Ripped Him A New One!

Laura Ingraham, Fox TV host loses her cool with hateful lawyer Alan Dershowitz over the prospect of mandated vaccinations.

The widespread “COVID fear” is more powerful than the actual virus.

This is absolutely true – In fact, you can see it not just in America but the entire world right now.

Dershowitz was arguing the case for compulsory vaccination and made a comparison between Covid-19 and smallpox on The Ingraham Angle.

People like Dershowitz and the woke media are the ones pushing “fear porn” day in and day out –  even Harvard-educated people aren’t immune to the brainwashing.

I’m not saying COVID is fake – It’s REAL and I actually one’s had it. What I’m against is using it as a weapon against us – believe me, this is our enemy wants to spread FEAR to weaken us.

But what I also do think is that it’s been politicized to the point of absurdity, and when anything gets “politicized” the truth is lost and an agenda takes over…and this is what causes people to become suspicious – and rightfully so because the information is now “tainted.”

A lot of info is not presented in a fair manner. Take the COVID death numbers…out of the 600K or so who’ve died, how many died “WITH” COVID versus “FROM” COVID.

Those two different numbers matter – a lot. Someone can die of cancer but have a cold virus at the time of their death. That doesn’t mean the cold virus killed them.

And this “Delta Variant” that’s being talked about right now – is there even a test for this variant? As far as I know, there’s not – so how do they know all these “breakthrough” cases are the “Delta Variant?”

Maybe there’s a good reason for this – but nobody ever tells us that – we’re just supposed to “trust sCiEnCe.”

No thank you, I don’t trust those people one bit.

Meanwhile, the “vaccine” was sold to the American public like it was a get out of jail free card, and would give you immunity from the virus.

But that’s never been the case. This is not technically a “vaccine.” It’s more like a flu shot with a hot-rodded mRNA component grafted on. An unpredictable mRNA component, to boot.
So these so-called “breakthrough” cases are not really “breakthrough.” This was bound to happen because it’s not a magical “immunity” from COVID.

But it was presented that way to the public, and Harvard Law ‘geniuses’ like Dershowitz bought it, hook, line, and sinker, and now he’s lost his last marble.

Alan Dershowitz appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show, where he tried to claim that it’s “Constitutional” to force all Americans to take this vaccine.

Alan is gripped by fear – you can literally see it in his eyes as he talks…he even tried to say COVID is more ‘serious’ than the Smallpox outbreak back in the 1800s – the one that killed 300 million people worldwide…and there was no “FROM and WITH” discrepancies with Smallpox.

Laura wasn’t having any of this…and things got testy between the two lawyers – and in the end, Laura made Dersh look like a $5 per hour low-budget lawyer, the way she hacked his arguments to bits.

You can watch the video below:

Watch it here: Citizen Free Press/Youtube

Look, I believe that COVID is very serious if someone who is elderly and frail comes n to contact with it – also obese folks are having a rough time – and those are the people who should be taking this “flu shot” type thing.

And our government should be promoting healthy eating – not offering free donuts and pizza to anyone who gets vaccinated. That’s insanity.

But I will never believe this is a “seriously deadly pandemic” while we sit here with a wide-open border and tens of thousands of people pouring across, seemingly unchecked and untreated for any illness.

If Biden closes the border and sends everyone back, then I’ll start to worry, until then, it’s just politics.

Oh, and Alan, you can take your “mandatory vax” and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

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