Leaked Footage Of Biden’s Coughing Fit PROVES We Are All Doomed!


Aside from his deteriorating brain, Biden’s cough is getting awfully worse… Maybe it’s time for Joe to step down and rest in his lavish mansions.

He’s too weak to lead great America.

Aside from his way of talking, his new cough really sounds pretty bad. You can literally hear it rumbling and it’s pretty nasty.

Yesterday, while he was in California he coughed a lot awful than before. I mean, did he even get tested for COVID lately?

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom has choked his way through his first term in office. And on Monday, President Joe Biden coughed his way through remarks rallying against Newsom’s recall in the Golden State,” The Western Journal reported.

Is there anything more symbolic than that of the state of the Democratic Party both nationally and in California?

Biden spoke for roughly 15 minutes in Long Beach on Monday, KTTV reported. As is the standard for Biden, the speech was neither inspiring nor even very coherent. What stood out most were the repeated coughing interruptions.

Watch the videos below:

Not only is Joe mentally unfit, now he’s coughing all over the place while there’s a supposed pandemic going on.

We need an update on his COVID status, after all, COVID cases in the vaccinated are surging in many places all across the country.

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