LEAKED Jan 6 Video Just Blew The Liberal Narrative WIDE OPEN!


Joe Biden described January 6th as the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War” during a speech to a Joint Session of Congress in April.

But these leaked videos obviously contradict what Democrats have been lying in the public.

Here’s the exact line of Biden which was parroted by his naive supporters from Left-wing media, Democrat lawmakers, and Liz Cheney:

“As I stand here tonight, we are just one day shy of the 100th day of my administration. 100 days since I took the oath of office—lifted my hand off our family Bible—and inherited a nation in crisis. The worst pandemic in a century. The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

Following a court ruling on Tuesday, the Biden administration released five Capitol surveillance videos from the US Capitol on January 6th.

The so-called “insurrection” and “worst attack since the Civil War” looked more like an Open House, as shown by the videos.

The Trump supporters were peaceful, orderly and all left the building when they were asked to, there was no violence.

On January 6th, four more videos from security cameras inside the US Capitol were released.

These videos wanted to be kept by the DOJ and the FBI hid from the American public, it is now clear why.

The videos show Americans entering the US Capitol peacefully, walking in the US Capitol peacefully and peacefully leaving the US Capitol as police officers stand around with their hands in their pockets watching them leave.

The Jan. 6 “insurrection” is just the latest media fabrication.

Maybe someday the fake news will report on the two women who were killed by Capitol Hill Police that day.

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