Leaked Report Reveals The White House Has Gone Full ‘Lord Of The Flies’!


People familiar with the situation inside Kamala Harris’s office just dropped a bombshell of truth that they are all burnout, better opportunities, and concerned about being permanently branded a “Harris person.”

Less than a year after assembling a mostly new team, Harris office and staff are going through a full reset as key members of Harris’ orbit are leaving, and even more are eyeing the exits.

We can still remember how Harris aim for a much higher office after her VP term, ironic right? She can’t even manage her small office – America will be doomed if she becomes the President.

According to The Hill’s sources, the public face of Harris’ team Symone Sanders is now abandoning ship because of “public stumbles, a streak of bad press and staff squabbling, particularly in the communications office.”

Excerpt from The Hill’s report:

No one seems happy,” said one source close to the vice president’s office. 

News of Sanders’s departure was followed by reports that two more press aides would depart in the coming weeks: Peter Velz, the vice president’s director of press operations, and Vince Evans, the deputy director of the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for Harris, are planning to leave those positions soon, a source confirmed.

Those planned exits became public a few weeks after Harris’s office confirmed her communications director, Ashley Etienne, would leave the position at the end of the year. Sources suggested the close of the year provided a natural time for some officials to transition out, but acknowledged a reset could be helpful.

“They had to turn over the office,” said one Democratic operative familiar with the dynamics in the vice president’s office. “Too much dissatisfaction.”

The outlet added:

Harris has a history of cycling through staff, dating back to her years as California attorney general. Staffing problems also plagued Harris’s presidential campaign, which folded before the Iowa caucuses after initial enthusiasm. But those familiar with her operation say it’s a larger problem than simply replacing some staff.

“It’s obvious things aren’t in a great place, so I understand the urge to sub in a new team but that misdiagnoses the problem,” said one source familiar with Harris’s operations. “The problem is there has never been a coherent strategy. It has always been an operation that lurches from one chaotic moment to the next.”

Spite the fact that polls have shown Kamala and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg perform underwhelmingly in any possible race as what polls revealed. The liberal mainstream media continue to lean hard into a narrative of speculation about the rivalry between the two Democrats and a possible 2024 run.

According to RightWing News Hour report:

“According to a recent Hill-HarrisX poll, 36 percent of Democrats polled are “unsure” of who they would support if Biden isn’t an option. Only 13% would support Harris and a mere 10% would support Fmr. First Lady Michelle Obama, the second option on the poll. Every other candidate received less than 5% support. This included such notable names as Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker, Fmr. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Yang, and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.”

The GOP Times commented on this irrelevant rivalry between these two Dems:

“So all in all, any rivalry between Harris and Buttigieg would seem pretty irrelevant given that they have a combined polling impact of a whopping 18%, the disintegration of the inner workings of the Biden-Harris regime are far more important… which is why the mainstream will do anything to avoid talking about it.”

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