Lindsey Graham Just Sold President Trump Out!


One thing that just absolutely galls me is that members of the Republican Party are so wishy-washy when it comes to supporting President Trump.

How anyone can call themselves a Republican and not support the man is beyond me.

Although SC-based US Senator Lindsey Graham (R) has been a good ally of President Trump’s on certain things such as the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, for example, many on the right have called for people to watch Graham as someone who could not be trusted.

Graham is echoing calls by Republican Senator Rick Scott (SC) to ‘clarify’ his stance on a right-wing group called the ‘Proud Boys’. We are not here to defend or denounce, but just to report, and it has been made clear that the group has people from many different ethnicities in it so it seems interesting that Graham would do this right after a poll came out that he is tied with his Democrat opponent for his re-election campaign.

Scott’s comments were equally disturbing for Trump as he basically left open the window of possibility that President Trump may be supporting ‘White Supremacists’ if he doesn’t clarify statements from the debate. It’s almost as if these two Senators don’t know President Trump by now. It’s almost as if they don’t care about Joe Biden’s lack of disavowals for Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who he knelt before, and arguably caused over two billion dollars in riot damages.

One Antifa member also linked to Black Lives Matter even murdered a Trump supporter in cold blood who was related to the Proud Boys. This seems like a backhanded attempt to force President Trump to disavow people on a very unlevel playing field who he shouldn’t have to disavow, to begin with.

Is Graham selfishly trying to help his own re-election or is this controlled opposition? Is Tim Scott really not sure where the president stands? Graham tweeted:

“I agree with @SenatorTimScott statement about President Trump needing to make it clear Proud Boys is a racist organization antithetical to American ideals.”

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