LOL! Remember Kanye Begging FB’s Zuckerberg For Financial Help? Zuckerberg JUST Responded…


That’s funny and goes right along with what I said about Kanye West groveling before Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion to bail him out of $53 million in personal debt. A former Facebook software engineer made the same point in a post on Facebook that got the thumb’s up approval of Zuckerberg himself. The post has now been deleted, but not before someone got it saved. Steven Grimm, a software engineer for Segovia Corporation, made the post on Facebook. He should have left it up. It’s golden. This “like” by Zuckerberg gave Kanye his answer and it shows that Zuckerberg is less than impressed with Kanye’s latest attention seeking behavior. I’m not a fan of Zuckerberg, but I don’t blame him in the least. Zuckerberg actually worked hard for his money.

From Mad World News:

Kanye West has most recently annoyed the social media world with his narcissistic tweets, sharing the revelation that he’s 53 million dollars in debt. Kanye’s Twitter account made headlines after one tweet asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for 1 billion dollars to invest in “Kanye West ideas.” Many speculated whether Zuckerberg would respond, and he did not disappoint, letting Kanye know the one flaw in his approach.

If the CEO of Facebook is going to respond to Kanye West’s crazy tweet for 1 billion dollars, it’s not going to be on Twitter. In a post now deleted on Facebook, Steven Grim, a former Facebook software engineer, makes the one point that alluded Kanye. If you’re going to ask the CEO of Facebook for 1 billion dollars, maybe you should do it on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg gave that post the big thumbs up.


Kanye West is nuts. He’s an egotistical, narcissistic moron with lots of money. He’s usually stoned or on one substance or another. He’s soooo down and out that they just sold their mansion in Hollywood and bought an even bigger one with multiple pools and a vineyard. He’s a poor rapper down on his luck just looking for a hand up. Never mind that between him and his wife Kim Kardashian, they are worth a cool $185 million and could pay off those debts. Never mind that they should live within their means instead of getting Kim’s butt ever enlarged. West is a typical liberal elitist who is math challenged and is always wanting more. I hear the Philly Police Department and Pizza Hut have both offered him a job. Heh. The man doesn’t know what an honest day’s work is and even if he did, he would shun it like holy water. The no-talent West is famous for being famous. He should pay his bills and stop begging Zuckerberg to bail his ass out.


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