Judge Rules FOR Freddie Gray Cops. Then Demands Something From Race Baiter Mosby That Has Her PANICKING

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Maybe she should begin to rethink tearing the blindfold off of lady Justice…

Nearly two years after the incident that killed a 16-year-old and sparked controversy across america, the police officers in the case are finally able to relax and enjoy the victory against Baltimore State’s Attorney, and race baiting QUEEN Marilyn Mosby.

Ms. Mosby put six police officers on trial without the evidence to back up the charges. Luckily, in the end, the judge found there was no evidence to back up the claims and charges were dropped.

Now, they are coming back with a vengeance.

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According to reports:

The officers are suing for malicious prosecution, invasion of privacy, false arrest, defamation, and civil rights violations. Those key charges will go forward.

Judge Marvin Garbis denied Mosby’s motion for a stay of all discovery in the case. That means Mosby may have to turn over evidence, including internal emails, to the plaintiffs.

Much of the judge’s ruling rests on the fact that the plaintiffs also sued Major Samuel Cogen of the Sheriff’s Department, who signed off on the charges Mosby’s office prepared.

Garbis ruled:

“The discovery contemplated in the instant case is not ‘unnecessary,’ nor would it cause irreparable injury, because almost all of the same claims have been asserted against Cogen, who has not appealed.”

Usually prosecutors are immune from lawsuits. but not if they act as the investigator, the judge ruled.

…Mosby, she said, did not use her own homicide unit, her most experienced attorneys, nor did she use a grand jury. She didn’t even have the autopsy report until shortly before she announced the charges.

“Her mind was already made up. Ditto with the police report,” Croyder said.

Croyder said Mosby’s own charging documents don’t support a second-degree murder charge [against the driver]. Mosby wrote the documents herself. There are serious concerns about the charges of false imprisonment.– Independent Sentinel [emphasis added]

Looks like some interesting emails may turn up in the search for evidence…

I’m excited to see this!

Where do you think the breadcrumbs will lead in this Malicious Prosecution case?

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  1. The city will lose 10’s of millions of dollars. The police chief will be looking for a new job at McDonalds. And there’ll be another nigga on welfare– as soon as she gets out of jail.

  2. ah yes this Obama ass kisser is now going to jail for false charges and defamation trying to make a name for herself….Bye Bitch your political career took a dump!

  3. Oh yes and NO Evidence to back her charges and the mayor letting the rioters ..tear up the city for a political witch hunt on her part!

  4. She belongs in jail for using her office to further her racist and anti-police beliefs.

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