Man Arrested Over What Police Call “SICKEST CASE OF BABY P*RN” Ever Seen


From The DC Gazette:

In Santa Rosa Beach FL, a Hispanic male, 35 year old Ricky Hugo Diaz, was arrested on 50 counts of child porn.  According to Sheriff Mike Atkinson, the alleged crimes of Ricky Hugo Diaz child porn possession were so disgusting and vulgar that the sheriff stated, “it actually turned my stomach.”

He called the crimes incredibly vile, “we’re not talking about whether these children are of questionable age, these are babies,” he said.  Dozens and dozens of nude and pornographic images were found on Diaz’s computer.

Diaz was arrested at his home after the Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant.  He was booked in Walton County Jail, De Funiak Springs.

Atkinson said that Diaz confessed to conversing with what he believed to be children, asking them for sexual favors.  Diaz said that he did everything in his power to have sexual intercourse with these children.

“These are images of children under 10 years old,” Sheriff Atkinson said.  “This is pedophilia I’m talking about.In my opinion, most all pedophiles cannot ever be rehabilitated and if given the opportunity they will do it again and again.”

In July of 2015, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children alerted authorities on a tip which stemmed from an incident they received through Twitter.  By September, the investigation was in progress.

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