Maryland Democrats Are About To Hand The State Over To The Homeless!


A new Maryland bill created by Democrats is set to prevent police from removing homeless camps from public property.

While the question of what to do with or about the masses of homeless people camping out on public property in many of our nation’s cities remains complicated, many municipal elected officials have finally begun to feel the pressure to do something about the problem.

Some of the nation’s most liberal cities are cracking down on their homeless populations. But Maryland may soon ban police from removing homeless people from the public property as Democratic delegate Sheila Ruth said during a committee hearing that “we shouldn’t be destroying homeless encampments.”

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

“Ruth is pushing to permit homeless encampments in Maryland as Democratic politicians roll back on similar policies across the country. The Los Angeles City Council in October banned homeless camps in 54 locations. Austin, Texas, in May overwhelmingly voted to ban public camping across the city. Seattle and Washington, D.C., have cleared out homeless camps in recent months, and New York City mayor Eric Adams (D.) on Friday released a plan to remove homeless people from public areas such as subway trains,” the report explains.

Baltimore City estimates that there are more than 2,000 homeless people in the city on any given night. Statewide estimates put Maryland’s homeless population at more than 6,000.

Maryland Republicans say Ruth’s bill is the latest example of state Democrats’ misplaced priorities on criminal justice.

“The last couple of years the focus of Maryland legislators has unfortunately been to treat criminals as victims and encourage breaking the law,” Republican State Senator Michael Hough told the Washington Free Beacon.

Baltimore, like many other Democrat cities, has been struggling with increased crime and poverty in recent years. The new bill will surely exacerbate the issue.

The responsibility rests on the shoulders of the voters. If you don’t like the crime, the violence, and the tent cities clogging your streets, you are the ones to blame for those conditions. And until you start picking better leaders and legislators, you’ll just have to continue to deal with it.

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