The Media IS STUNNED After THIS Was Just Revealed The U.S. Nuclear WAR…WOW!!

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The global effects of a Trump Presidency have begun. The mainstream media had warned for months that electing Republican Donald Trump would lead to a collapse of world stability and security. Apparently, they were wrong once again.

According to a report on, our Defcon level has been allegedly reduced to Defcon Level 5, after it was reportedly, and quietly, raised to Defcon Level 3 earlier this year (via

The Defcon (DEFense readiness CONdition) is an alert system initiated by the US Armed Forces that ranks the state of nuclear threats against the US from level 1-5.

A Defcon 1 is the highest threat level and signals that a nuclear war is imminent. Defcon 3, where we recently were, means our military is standing by and can respond in 15 minutes.

This reduction in Defcon level is the polar opposite of what we were told would happen if Trump won the election. The mainstream media proclaimed the world would come undone at the news of a Trump victory.

The truth is, though, that people around the world believe Trump when he says he is going to rebuild the US military. They believe him when he says he will crush ISIS. They not only believe it – they welcome it. The world needs the US to be strong.

So, the Defcon level is said to be on the decline – meaning that danger is on the decline. Reportedly, the level was reduced last week, following the election, to its lowest possible level – Defcon 5.

For the last eight years, Barack Obama has systematically shrunk the military. He has cut everywhere you can cut – on the land, in the sky, and in the sea. As a result, we are short on troops and low on equipment and supplies. Our fleets have been depleted, a mere shadow of our previous armaments.

Rest assured, those days are long gone. President-Elect Trump ran on the promise of Making America Great Again. Part of the plan surely includes the return of a dominant US military presence. Don’t expect to see any apology tours on Trump’s calendar. As the US goes, so goes the world. When we are weakened, the world is weakened. But, when we are strong, everyone is safer.

Remember, too, that Republicans won up and down the ballot last Tuesday, not just with their presidential candidate. The people want strength and they want security. Republicans are the ones they trust on these issues, not the Democrats.

The peoples of the earth woke up last Wednesday morning to a safer world. Our military will once again be standing and fighting for truth, justice and the American way.


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