Meet The Executive Who Chose To Live Out Of His SUV (And Run A Successful Company) For Over A Year


In moments of frustration, it’s easy to wish you could get rid of all your crap and hit the road. And then you remember that you love all your possessions and the creature comforts of home, and you’re simply too high maintenance to live a nomadic life in your car. Besides, it would take a lot of organization to fit all the necessary supplies in the trunk of a car. But, it can be done. Imgurian Walkusa has been (somewhat) secretly living out of his 2014 Ford Escape, while holding an executive position at a company, for over a year.


He doesn’t store anything on the passenger seats or in the floor space of the car. Housekeeping items and hygiene products are stored in the side door storage pockets. Shoes go under the front seats. Everything he owns is kept in the car — no storage units of any kind. And what about plumbing? all reasonable people are wondering. He showers at gyms and uses public bathrooms.
Apparently, this is what it looks like to be truly low maintenance.


It took some time to acquire all the necessary items for on-the-road living.

As time went on, he needed to adapt to his new living situation.


“I decided to upgrade from my plastic drawers to a locking office drawer that I purchased from Ikea. It is a lot nicer to work out of and it provides an extra layer of protection for my belongings in the event of a break-in,” he said.

He keeps most of his items in three drawers. He even has a “hobby drawer.”


“The top drawer is my Hobby Drawer. I love motion memory type activities (Juggling, Poi, Butterfly Knife, Lock Picking, Harmonica). Here I store various other fun items,” he wrote. We’re impressed he has room for hobbies.

The second drawer is for clothes.


“In my middle drawer I store all of my clothes. Using a technique to roll my shirts allows me to keep my clothing organized. Work clothes for the next day get hung up,” he wrote. Feeling guilty about your cluttered closet right now?

And the bottom drawer is for cooking supplies.

drawer 3

“In the bottom drawer I store all my cooking supplies and food. I also have an small case with basic utensils stored outside of the drawer. I have two stoves, a Jet Boil and an MSR Dragonfly,” he said. Side note: can you order delivery to a car?

He has a pretty unique sleeping situation.


He prefers to sleep outside and keeps all the necessary equipment to do so. “I store my sleeping equipment in 42L Osprey Variant backpack. Items include an ENO hammock with Atlas chords, bivy sack, Thermorest Neoair mattress, mattress cover, compact pillow, and homemade tarp,” he wrote.

And what about work?


“I use a compact folding table and chair to make an outside work station. I have a car outlet in my trunk where I plug in an inverter to charge devices. When I park outside of a location with a WIFI hotspot, I have the perfect outdoor office,” he said. Simple.

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  1. I HAD to live out of my small Ford Ranger truck once upon a time. Can’t say as it was pleasant in any shape or form. Much rather be in a home!! At Lease IN A M OTE room.

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