Military Mother Is Fighting For Right To Fly Her American Flag, Being Charged EVERY DAY For Flying It…While Her SON’S FIGHT OVERSEAS FOR OUR FREEDOM

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This woman is a mother of two boys in the military. She will continue to fight for her right to fly her AMERICAN FLAG out of respect for not only her sons, but all of our ancestors who fought so bravely for it. This is bs. Spread this story, and help give her her right to fly her flag back!


It is absolutely outrageous that this woman had to go through this. Please share this story, and do away with crap like this in our beloved country!

According to reports, a Minnesota mother of two U.S. service members was recently told by her condo’s association that she needed to remove the American flag flying outside of her home.

Angie Hildebrandt claims that the Southdale Gardens Condominium Association told her that the flag violated its policy on exterior displays. The rules do mention “hanging garments” and other items, but do not specifically mention flags.

Hildebrandt has been using the Freedom to Display The American Flag Act of 2005 in her defense, and the local community has quickly rallied around her.

But not everyone was thrilled about her taking a stand. One morning, on the day of the rally, she noticed that her flag had been “shredded.”

“It was rather disheartening that someone would be so disrespectful to this flag that so many have fought and died for,” she told reporters.

Hildebrandt has a son in the Army and another in the Marine Corps, and claims that she has flown the flag everywhere she has lived previously without a problem.

Watch the interview below and tell us what you think.

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