MLB Star Collapsed After Horrific On Field Collision! [VIDEO]


In the fifth inning of the Padres-Giants game Thursday night, San Francisco Giants designated hitter Tommy La Stella hit a shallow pop-up into short left field. San Diego shortstop C.J. Abrams was able to make the catch, but he and left fielder Jurickson Profar had a violent collision in the process.

Profar, sprinting in from the left, ducks down at the last second as Abrams reaches for the ball and appears to get hit with Abrams’ knee right square in his jaw. Abrams remained down for a few seconds but was able to get back up.

Video footage immediately after shows Profar walking alongside teammates and coaches. He appears to sway before suddenly collapsing to his right.

Medical staff subsequently stabilized Profar’s head and neck before placing him on a stretcher. As he was carted off, he raised a fist for the home crowd.

Here’s what manager Bob Melvin said according to the New York Post:

“No tingle or anything in the arms, but what we’re worried the most is probably a concussion at this point. They’re checking everything out.”

“It’s awful but he makes it easier on the fact that he’s smiling. He’s laying there smiling. We get him up but all of a sudden he goes down again. Any time you put somebody on a stretcher like that it’s an awful feeling. But looking at him, the way he is trying to make everybody feel OK about it with a smile on his face, makes you feel a little bit better”

The Padres won the game 2-1 in 10 innings

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