Mob Of Black Students Puts White Teen in Critical Condition for Making Blue Lives Matter Video

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It’s come to this. A teenager in Alabama made a Blue Lives Matter video and social media post, he was then nearly beaten to death for it by black students. Brian Ogle, 17, was in a parking lot with a large group of friends. Several black students confronted him for the video and a fight ensued. One of the black students hit Brian in the skull with the butt of a gun. Brian is now in critical condition after being airlifted to the hospital. He is bleeding from the brain. If he dies, look for this to explode. And I wouldn’t blame parents for going ballistic over this. Brian’s mother is demanding that those who did this be tracked down and dealt with. I hope the police do just that.

Why didn’t his friends do something about this and record the event? Probably out of fear I would guess. Still, regardless of what happened to me, I would have been in the thick of that scene. Police believe this could be racially motivated… ya think?


From Mediaite:

An Alabama teenager went airlifted to the hospital in critical condition Friday after an assault in a parking lot, allegedly in retaliation for a social media postsiding with police officers over the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to Sylacauga Police Chief Kelley Johnson, 17-year-old Brian Ogle was at the parking lot which a large group of his peers when he was attacked by one or more black students. Ogle was hit on the head with the butt of a pistol, fracturing his skull and causing him to bleed from his brain.

Police add that Ogle apparently got into a scrape in school a week earlier over an argument about the Black Lives Matter movement. Johnson says the parking lot attack could be “racially motivated” and that “social media appeared to be a factor.”

Ogle’s mother extrapolated when speaking to reporters, saying that her son created a video standing up for “blue lives,” slang for police officers.

Brian’s mother said, “I want to see them in jail, this most certainly is a race issue, it’s a hate crime,” she said. She’s right, this is a hate crime and should be treated as such. He was attacked following the Homecoming football game Friday night.

Witnesses are telling police there was an incident at Sylacauga High School last week involving the victim and some of the persons of interest. Police say there may have been a verbal exchange or a social media post about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, which may have sparked Friday night’s assault.

Right now the police are trying to quiet things down and reassure parents. But trust me… if this boy dies (and even if he doesn’t), this isn’t going away. Things are going to get much, much worse because of Black Lives Matter. We are on the verge of a race war in our streets and civil unrest across the country. Brian is a casualty in a war that just shouldn’t be.


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