Multiple States Hitting Facebook With MASSIVE Lawsuit! [VIDEO]


There should never just be one of something if it can be avoided at all costs.

For example, I grew up in a town of about a thousand people and even in that small of a town, we had more than one grocery store. We had more than one gas station and at least two of everything else except a movie theater. We did have three video stores.

If there’s only one of something then the people that are behind that particular entity can pretty much set the market for how much they want to charge and can bully anyone out of business that they want to.

Forty-eight states and the US government just sued Facebook. Even though it’s long overdue, it’s a move in the right direction to break up the monopoly Facebook has had for so long.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is joining the states in the antitrust lawsuit using Instagram and WhatsApp as examples.

Ironically, the Attorney General of New York Latitia James made the announcement today:

“It’s really critically important that we block this predatory acquisition of companies and that we restore confidence to the market.”



The Attorney General of New York has been attacking President Trump and his family since she was elected. It’s about time she did something worthy of investigating.

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