Nasty Woke Teacher Caught Bashed Students On Camera And She Is Paying For It!


A viral video of a Pershing Middle School teacher is circulating online and things got nasty as we continue.

A student in Springfield, MO. recorded the teacher handing out cupcakes, celebrating the upcoming LGBTQ month.

The “woke woman,” who is obviously yet another toxic went off on a male student who questioned her “LGBTQ” classroom celebration, complete with store-bought “rainbow unicorn cupcakes.”

We can find serious emotional issues for this type of woman.

According to KY3 reports: 

The Springfield School District reports a middle school teacher in the middle of a viral video controversy is no longer employed by the district.

The incident happened on the last day of school. A student at Pershing Middle School recorded the teacher handing out cupcakes, celebrating the upcoming LGBTQ month. The teacher then calls out a student, saying he was a ‘straight jerk’, ‘dipstick’, and a weasel. The student admitted he was being annoying in the video.

Springfield Public Schools leaders say they do not know what was said prior to the recording. They did hear about the incident 24 hours after, receiving a copy of the video from a parent. They say they immediately began investigating the incident and made a hotline call to the Missouri Children’s Division. They say SPS wants to create a welcoming learning environment for all students, and the teacher clearly violated professional standards.

“We are all in agreement,” said Springfield Public Schools Public Information Officer Stephen Hall. “The comments that are reflected in the video are completely unacceptable. They’re inappropriate, and they’re inexcusable. So as a result, we did follow our policies and procedures. Our board policy outlines very specific steps for disciplinary investigation and action, and that was followed by the district.”

Missouri Senator Eric Burlison released a statement about the viral video on his Facebook page.

“In part, he says, “as she promoted her personal beliefs in the classroom, she lost her objectivity in a conversation with one of her students, who pushed back on these ideas. Crossing the line even further, she is said to have called a young man many demeaning and derogatory names.”

The teacher has been fired.


Here’s what an online user claiming to be a student of this nasty woman said:

“She is my teacher. I was the next class hour after this and I remember her telling us all about this, she was so proud of herself. This teacher has had many issues with making fun of disabled people, sexualizing her students, and body shaming them. She also humiliated students if they ever got bad grades. I’m glad she’s fired.”

Another “loving left-wing bully.”

These “woke” teachers are destroying our country’s education.

If they want to be “woke” and believe this hooey, nobody is stopping them. But these mentally and emotionally unstable people have no right to spread their personal beliefs to our children. that’s not their place and they all need to be removed.

So, kids, keep those cameras rolling.

Watch it here: Pringfield’s Talk 104.1/Youtube

Sources: WayneDupree, KY3