Nebraska Just Told Sleepy Joe To Take His Crooked Plan And CRAM IT!


Another patriot has stood up and fought for our civil rights and freedom.

The Biden administration had planned to allow IRS to view any transactions every time a person makes a transaction over $600.

John Murante, Nebraska’s State Treasurer has spoken on behalf of the people of Nebraska and denied Biden’s plan, he said in a statement, “My message is really simple. The people of Nebraska entrusted me to protect the privacy of these accounts and I am not going to comply with this. If the Biden administration sues me, we will take it all the way to the Supreme Court. We are going to fight every step of the way.”

“As State Treasurer, I have an obligation to safeguard the personal information of hundreds of thousands of these accounts and it’s absolutely wrong to ask American citizens who haven’t even been accused of wrongdoing to turn over their private bank information to the federal government. There’s no excuse for it” he added.

This is already a promising move by Nebraska to defy a Biden proposal that would require banks to hand over data on transactions.

As it was said that the proposal, backed by $79 billion in additional funding, would allow the IRS to peer into the aggregate inflows and outflows of a bank account over $600.

This crackdown on unreported income is expected to generate $463 billion over the next decade, according to the Office of Tax Analysis. That money would be used to partially fund Biden’s $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation plan. Another snake move by the Biden regime was blocked by a patriot.

“We have members across the country who are committed to limited government and free-market approaches, and we are unanimously against this proposal. It is an invasion of privacy and lacks any due process.” John Murante added.

Wyoming Republican Sen. Cynthia Lummis also tore Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen for her support of the Biden proposal saying, “Banks do not work for the IRS, and this is invasive of privacy. Wyoming’s people literally will find alternatives to traditional banks just to thwart IRS access to their personal information, not because they’re trying to hide anything, but because they are not willing to share everything.”

The Biden regime is really unto something.

Source: The Gateway Pundit