New Bombshell Satellite Images Show Kim Jong-Un’s Nazi-Style Prison Camps

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North Korean prison camps are FULL of prisoners who have committed both real, and bizarrely made up crimes against the Kim Jong-un regime. They suffer extremely harsh treatment and horrific inhumane conditions on a daily basis.

Despite previous claims, Kim Jong-un swears the camps do not exist. Now, there is imminent proof that they do. Check it out:

VIA|This week, the Human Rights in North Korea [HRNK] group revealed new images of Camp No 25, located near the industrial town of Chongjin in the north of the country.

The photos revealed the camp has almost doubled since 2010, smashing any hope Kim’s regime was winding down its repression of opponents.

Their report also revealed the horrific conditions suffered by prisoners at these camps, where hundreds of thousands of people are estimated by the UN to have died over the past 50 years.

The report said: “The inmate population has been gradually eliminated through deliberate starvation, forced labor, executions, torture, rape and the denial of reproductive rights.”

According to Sources:

Satellite photos reveal this prison system may actually be expanding, with the bloody dictator investing heavily in an effort to keep a growing number of dissenters under control.

While North Korea itself claims these camps do not exist, defectors and human right watchdogs have confirmed the shocking reality.


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