NEW BORDER CRISIS: Southern Border Is FLOODED With Pakistani (Up 935%) And Haitian Illegals (Up 1300%)

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There are massive smuggling operations being performed on a daily basis on the Southern Border. A surge, so large we literally cannot keep up. These guys are trained, they are smart, and they know exactly how to get illegals into the United States.

The scary part? We are simply allowing it. It doesn’t take brains to figure that out. At some point you’ve got to question why they all are coming here. This is HORRIFYING to say the least.

VIA| “It is because people from different parts of the world, Africa, Middle East, other parts of the world are now realizing that all you have to do is get to the southern border of the United States and there’s a process there you can claim a legal defense and you just get to come in. I mean, people, the smuggling organizations know exactly what they’re doing,” according to Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar.

The immigration numbers and evidence of the new surge were addressed in Senate testimony this week when the chief of the U.S. Border Patrol also raised concerns about terrorism and the backgrounds of non-Latinos coming across.

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