New Data REVEALS Exactly How Many Votes Were Switched To Biden! [VIDEO]


One of the things that people have to realize when it comes to the talk of election fraud is that it isn’t just someone spouting off random things where they don’t know what they are talking about.

This issue is being gone over time and time again by the top analysts that people can find.

They have testified time and time again, and they have gone to bat for freedom once again.

The full testimony can be found here



In their testimony, the analysts, who appeared before the Georgia Senate Subcommittee revealed:

“Receiving over 90% in a preceinct is a sign of fraud.  In fulton county alone, more than 150 precincts voted 90% or more for Biden.  In a statewide race that was decided by less than 13,000 votes, these 150 precincts alone accounted for 152,000 Biden votes.”  This would be much more than would be necessary to sway an election.

Another analyst states that “In 94 precincts in Dekalb county,” Biden received 90% or greater voting percentages.  This is “statistically impossible.”

Numerous other fraud analysis is discussed in the full video.

The irony of all this is that, while Dominion is in charge of our sacred election processes, it hides everything it does under the hood.  It makes none of its programming public.  And, instead, threatenssues, or forces redactions of any data regarding its programs that it deems proprietary, whether through the company itself, or by one of its lead employees, Eric Coomer.

In contrast, all data, analyses, and programs used in these Georgia voter fraud analyses have been made public by the self-described independent agency involved in doing the analysis.

Yet, we are supposed to trust Dominion over the countless open-source investigations and analyses like this one that comes from Georgia.