NEW VIDEO: Clinton REFUSES to Deal With Stage Stairs, Makes Alarming Move Instead


Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton finished a campaign speech in Fort Pierce, Florida, and when she left she encountered a staircase for which she apparently hadn’t been prepared.

The nominee then pulled a diva move like no other, pausing at the top of the stairs, pointing to a man who seemed like a Secret Service agent, and then waiting for him to come to her.

The man immediately followed orders, came to the former secretary of state’s aide and put out his arm for Clinton. She steadied herself and took one step with him before she let go of his arm and descended the remaining four steps.

Clinton’s speech only lasted 25 minutes but she still need to take a break after having a coughing fit that caused her to lose her voice. She popped a throat lozenge before continuing on.

“Do we lift each other up? Or do we tear each other down? Do we listen and respect each other or do we scapegoat point fingers and insult each other?” Clinton orated during her speech.

Nice sentiments … but how about a little honestly?

Clinton’s health has been a major cause for concern lately as she was diagnosed with pneumonia and has had several coughing fits during her campaign stops. After a video showed her loosing her balance completely and buckling at the knees while several secret service agents helped her into a car, the world has been watching and wondering if Clinton is truly up for the job of POTUS.

This video isn’t going to calm anyone’s fears on that issue:

She needs physical assistance to make it down five steps? How sick is she, really?


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