News Anchor Just ADMITTED The Masks Are All For Show!


A citizen videographer got a news anchor to admit that ‘masking up’ is all for the show by woke corporate overlords – during a long unmasked exchange with an onlooker about journalistic objectivity (or lack thereof)

The recorded video shows, the man was having a conversation with the news anchor without a mask at length. They debate whether or not he is objective or simply told what to say by the owners of his news station or their bosses who all put out ‘lockstep’ talking points.

The news anchor then proceeds to inexplicably put his mask on in order to record a video segment just after the long unmasked debate.

The citizen then mocks the news anchor because, not only is he told what to say, but he is also forced to wear a useless mask when he says it by corporate in order to appease globalists and woke mobs

To the credit of the anchor, he is willing to have the exchange with the videographer and seems to cower in awareness and disgrace when the narrator calls him out for putting on the mask for the camera.

It is easy to sympathize with him.

But, can you imagine how many people are brainwashed by the images they see on TV of personalities like this one, insincerely wearing useless masks due to unhealthy ultimatums by their corporate overlords? His coalescence around the evil demands of his bosses affects countless people who see him on the news. And, there are thousands of news anchors just like him doing the same thing.

This is the banality of evil. Decent people ignoring and condoning an ever-encroaching evil, one small incident at a time until it is too late.

Hopefully, this news anchor will stand up for himself to his bosses and enlist the rest of the anchors at his station to stop wearing an unhelpful mask on TV.

Watch the video, below:

Source: 100percentfedup