NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED: Man Squeezes His MASSIVE Infected Spider Bite, And What Comes Out Will Give You NIGHTMARES!!!


Oh com’on! Does nobody love him? First how does he let his arm get THIS bad! Even if he isn’t bright enough to get is seen by a doctor, somebody who loves him should have shown him the way! Second..WHY do it at home!? Anyhow…this guy started suffering from complications to a spider bite…and this is what happened next.

You’ve probably seen disgusting pus videos before, but this one is the true definition of revolting. Not only did this guy drain pus from his arm, but he went to great lengths to do so in an alarmingly unsanitary way. Nevertheless, the cringe-worthy clip has caught the attention of social media users everywhere.

According to the Daily Mail, YouTuber Nick Hanson decided to take matters into his own hands when it came to treating the spider bite he’d suffered. Apparently, Nick had been bitten by a recluse spider three days prior to the gruesome video. Nick was unaware of the bite until he began suffering complications from it.


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  1. Recluse spiders are no laughing matter. Their venom destroys tissue. This young man could lose his arm without treatment.

  2. This man did what most people use to do. He most likely washed his hands, before he put on the rubber glove, sterilized the sewing needle and lanced the area that was obviously swollen. A doctor would have done the same thing and charged him a lot of money. Being upset because he did some basic first aid at home instead of going to a doctor is one reason insurance rates are so high in this country. Fortnately, it appears he did not experience fever, convulsions, itching, nausea and muscle pain.

  3. That is liquified flesh that has caused the infection to set in. If the infection has gotten to that point, you need to be at the doctor’s! You could loose the whole damn arm, septicemia could set in and kill you.

  4. 90% of spider bites are actually abscesses and cellulitis . The doctor would numb the area in a sterile fashion then completely open and expose all of the infection including the core or the abscess the start on iv antibiotic and possible even hospital admit . Yes expensive but much less than loosing a body part

  5. This man obviously has an infection due to purulent fluid and needed antibiotics and warm compresses. Noypt all things can be treated at home. There are acute care centers, minutes clnics ran by nurse practitioners at Krogers, Walgreens. CVS ..

  6. I had a brown recluse bite and went straight to the doctor. It took 3 months to heal. There was a quarter size necrotic scab and a nickel size scar left after. This is serious stuff, go to the doctor!

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