O.J. Simpson Just Got Some BAD NEWS That’s Going To Make His Jail Time MUCH MORE PAINFUL


While O.J. Simpson is serving time in Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Facility, he has constantly been complaining to friends about how his female fans stopped sending the former football star money.

Simpson has been using the fan money to purchase goods at the prison commissary and probably paying for a body guard to keep prison bullies away. Without the cash, he might lose his much-needed protection.

Since the letters with money from a handful of fans have been steadily on the decline, Simpson has turned to other sources to fund his prison life.

“O.J. has called friends begging for money to be deposited into his commissary account,” a source told RadarOnline.com.

“His family is responsible for replenishing the commissary account, but it’s not a huge priority for his kids,” the source said. “And O.J. just isn’t getting the letters and money from women anymore. He needs that money because he also uses it to keep other inmates happy and off his back.”

Simpson is serving a 33-year sentence after being found guilty to 10 charges in connection with a robbery in 2007.

Besides his lack of money, Simpson has had a difficult time in prison so far. In March, another inmate allegedly threw Simpson against a wall after he tried to cut in line to get his medication.

“He found the biggest guy who is in great shape and willing to fend off the bullies to help OJ out–but, of course, it comes at a price,” a source told the Daily Mail.

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