Malik Obama Tweets Alleged Barack Obama Birth Certificate in Kenya

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Malik Obama has been in the spotlight quite a bit over the last year or so for avidly supporting Donald Trump throughout his campaign trail and into his presidency.

He likes Trump so much in fact…he is willing to expose his own blood brother, Barack Obama to prove to America…

Trump is right.

Malik Obama took to Twitter on Thursday to set the record straight about the true birthplace of the former President.

If this isn’t proof…I don’t know what is.

The certificate is from a hospital in Mombassa, Kenya.

In case you missed it:

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0 thoughts on “Malik Obama Tweets Alleged Barack Obama Birth Certificate in Kenya

  1. If this is real, why did he wait so long to reveal it? He must have known the ppl of the US have been wanting to know. So what’s up with him and his timing? And… do we know this one is the real one. I personally don’t feel Obama was legitimate to be president but until a reliable source can confirm once and for all that this certificate is real, I’ll just hold on my comment.

  2. A few years ago, I found a site (perhaps something like “Births in the British Commonwealth of Nations.” Where there was a listing of a barack Obama II born on Obama’s same date, but born in Kenya. Unfortunately I’ve looked through my old documents folders, and can’t find it. It would be interesting to find that list, and match up the registration number, to the one on the birth certificate!!!!!

  3. He (Obama) had all his records sealed. If one has nothing to hide, why would they not want to clear the air. It could be he is a citizen and he has some other, more sordid information he doesn’t want exposed. In any case, he is less of a mystery than a two-headed frog.

  4. Well, the undeniable truth is that Barack obama SR, is NOT his REAL FATHER, his REAL FATHER is Frank Marshall Davis. Anyone comparing their pictures will undoubtedly see the striking resemblance between Frank Marshall Davis and barry.

  5. Both of his Parents were American Citizens, making Barrack Obama a dual citizen. Their is nothing in the Constitution saying that a dual citizen Cannot be President of the Unites States.

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