Obama FINALLY Told The Truth About Wanting A Third Term..


The truth unmasks itself, and we have been telling you over and over again that Joe Biden is just a puppet and Obama is the real puppeteer.

This is Obama’s third term he’s been telling us the whole time, and that Biden’s presidency is a total sham. So it’s always good to remind everyone what’s really going on, and who really is to blame for America’s failing economy.

Remember, back in 2016, Obama boasted that he could win his third term but President Trump stood in his way.

But this time around, he is making sure no one will ever stop him from getting that power, and he plans it all along and every step of the way.

And here’s what ‘Wayne Dupree’ explained about Obama’s long-term plan in making America his hostage: 

Remember when he gave away the blueprint to that idiot Stephen Colbert?

Watch it here: VladBozak/Youtube

Well, never doubt Obama’s words, because he’s not “joking” around when he says stuff like that… because here we are, a few years later, and Obama’s third term is choking the life out of the country.

During Lou Dobbs’ new podcast, highly respected DC journalist Lee Smith joined him and said that behind the scenes, Obama is actually telling people that he is the one who’s running the show.

Of course, the guy has an ego the size of Mars.

You can listen below:

Nobody in their right mind thinks Joe Biden is actually running anything, do they?

Well, maybe Joe and Jill and his sister Valerie think so, but that’s about it.

We all know that there are much bigger players who are deciding our fate, and Obama’s hand in all of this was all but confirmed when he assigned his most trusted gal, Susan Rice, to “handle” Joe.

The problem is, you can’t “handle” a man who should actually be in a nursing home, so Obama’s 3rd term has hit a lot of bumps.

It will be interesting to see what his next big move is… and whatever it is, will probably come right after the midterms.

Source: WayneDupree