Obama Just Released Photos of His SICKENING Mosque Visit, Then People Notice THIS DISTURBING DETAIL

Radical Islam

As you know by now our Muslim-in-Chief felt it necessary to go to a mosque in Baltimore to pander to Muslims while at the same time trashing Americans and Christianity.

He LOVES these people- HIS people. It’s who HE is. Well, it’s definitely NOT who I am!

Of course the left embraced his move and praised him for exposing the Islamaphobia that they say is rampant among right wingers (Americans) while completely ignoring the fact that this entire race that they treat women and children like dogs as well as are an extremely violent threat to America’s citizens.

This fricking mosque is known for extremist jihadist ties for God’s sake! It’s actually insane that these libs are so infatuated with these savages- but they are. Because Obama, their holy messiah TOLD THEM TO BE.

Here are some pics of how these Muslims treat their women. While the men worship their pedophile Allah in the luxury of lavishly decorated, American tax-payer funded halls, the women are herded into little rooms that look like gas station bathrooms. Nice.

Take a look.




Nice! Thanks a lot you a holes!

Here is where the men worship their satanic master.


Beautiful, if you are a Muslim


Very nice! Where’s the wet bar?

As you can see, Muslims treat women like trash. Obama is a Muslim. But he has brainwashed liberals into actually WANTING these people to come to America. It makes no sense, unless you look at the bigger picture. He wants America to turn into a third world cesspool that is ran by Muslim terrorists.


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