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Taking a wrong turn, had huge consequences for these Officers, landing one of them in the hospital to endure a 4 hour long surgery to save his life. They were just travelling by GPS when they took this wrong turn, and what happened next is so asinine, it’s almost unbelievable!

The officers from Brazil’s national security force were using a GPS device to navigate unfamiliar streets when they took a wrong turn off a highway leading to Rio’s international airport.

The truck they were traveling in was met by gunshots and one officer was shot in the head. The Justice Ministry said Thursday that the officer is recovering from a four-hour surgery and was in stable condition but that the next 48 hours would be key.

A commando unit backed by a police helicopter was preparing Thursday to carry out an operation to apprehend those behind the attack.

It was a wrong turn that headed to the international airport. It wasn’t planned or on an itinerary, which means that whoever shot at them…may not have been lying in wait for them, they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Which begs the question… exactly who were the shooter/shooters waiting for on that road heading to and from the international airport. This is pretty scary.

Prayers going out to the officers recovering, and to the search team. May they find the shooters and give them a right hook of justice to the jaw.

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