OH SH*T! John Kerry ATTACKED In Rome for SUPPORTING The Expansion Of ISIS -WATCH

US News

John Kerry went to Italy for a conference with Italian foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni where Kerry almost received a black eye for his comments!  

So he went there to talk to Gentiloni about new ways to fight ISIS terrorists.  However, Kerry supposedly supports the expansion of ISIS to which one of the reporters in the conference got up and charged at him with a “It was YOU who created ISIS!”.  Fists raised and fire in her eyes, Kerry almost got a black eye!

Well if he did help create ISIS and really wants to support it, I can’t say he wouldn’t have deserved it if she gave him a black eye!  Yet, she was simply escorted out and left the room.


0 thoughts on “OH SH*T! John Kerry ATTACKED In Rome for SUPPORTING The Expansion Of ISIS -WATCH

  1. Kerry is just a weak, middle of the board, pawn. Just doing what he’s told like a good little boy. He’s just a weak ass dumb F. Should never have been allowed to be punched although he defiantly deserves an asskicking.
    He is likely rethinking his alliance to a lying traitor. Guess he made his bed. Bad choice.

  2. If he wants expansion of ISIS what does that mean? Inthoughtbwecare trying to destroy this evil army? He should not be attacked, but we need answers and now.

  3. Yea just like $Shillary another Secretary of State working for there wall street puppet masters so as to line there pockets with Oil company money.

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