OUCH: Lunatic Girlfriend Loses Her Sh*t After Catching Her Man Getting A Lapdance By Some Hot Chick


Otherwise, you could end up like this guy.

He accepted a bikini-clad woman’s offer for a saucy dance in front of a crowd of people and the whole thing was caught on camera.

The clip begins with the guy kneeling down with his hands tied behind his back. The women then starts (what I think is the kids describe as) ‘twerking’ in his face. She bends over and literally pushes his face into her bum and he looks pretty chuffed about the whole thing.

However, just as he starts enjoying himself, his girlfriend comes running into out of absolutely nowhere and loses her shit.

She wacks him a few times and then does a runner. Unbelievable scenes.

Good luck getting out of this one.


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