One Of Biden’s Top People Just Leaked Something That May Land Him In Prison!


As the slogan says, “Think Before You Click.” Maybe this Biden’s Top admin just like their boss does some drastic decision without thinking of the implications.

Now, it might be his ticket to hell.

It’s all clear to us that Joe Biden has gone full communist dictator. I mean, he’s lashing out like a senile madman on steroids while seeing his pool numbers drastically down as days pass by.

In actual numbers, he’s probably sitting at around 22-25 percent based on the recent YouGov poll. Joe Biden at an abysmal 39 percent approval and that was with D+10 padding.

We all know that the most brutal blow for Joe Biden is his debacle with Afghanistan, but it’s not just that. Joe is suffering on a lot of fronts.

It all started with his wide-open southern border.

People are flooding across the border – many with COVID – and being placed into our communities. It’s a complete and total disaster after it was contained and running very smoothly under President Trump.

The economy is going stagnant and inflation is soaring.

Our foreign policy is a joke and Joe Biden looks and sounds like he has a raging case of Alzheimer’s.

But it’s the COVID approval numbers that have Biden most worried. Those have plunged significantly, which is why you’re seeing this new draconian “vaccine mandate.”

COVID has actually gotten worse under Joe Biden’s dementia watch – imagine that??

Cases are 300% higher today than one year ago when nobody was vaccinated – so now the panic has set in.

But it was just a couple of months ago when the Biden admin was vowing never to push mandatory vaccines.

Watch the video below:

Now, Biden will sign an EO mandating all federal employees get the vaccine or be fired, and Biden plans to use OSHA to force private businesses with 100 or more employees to mandate the vaccine as well.

And that’s where Biden’s WH chief of staff, Ron Klain comes in.

In the aftermath of Joe’s communist announcement, Ron Klain retweeted something that many people believe he and the admin will come to regret.

The tweet that Ron retweeted was about how Biden using OSHA to enforce vaccine mandates was the “ultimate work-around” for the feds to push vaccine mandates. In other words, the OSHA rule is a federal vaccine mandate by corporate proxy.

Matthew Hamilton, security and political analyst called out Klain’s retweet and said the following:

“WH Chief of Staff might regret this retweet. Courts consider the intent and purpose of policies and Klain just endorsed the notion that OSHA rule is a “work-around” to enact flagrantly illegal federal vaccine mandates.”

And this tyranny will go to court, you can bet your life on it.

The list of Republican governors who are fighting this is growing by the hour…and when they do, Ron’s “workaround” retweet, where he clearly endorses the idea of “forcing federal mandates by hijacking OSHA” should be Exhibit A against the Biden administration.

Source: WayneDupree