One Photo Just EXPOSED D.C. Mayor For The LIAR She Truly Is!


Those people who keep on telling that this virus is very threatening are the same person who didn’t even worry themselves about this COVID-19 pandemic. How are they managing to do this?

This is maybe the best slogan for Democrats “Rules for thee but not for me.”

This is the reason why Americans are having a second thought trusting the current administration, even they couldn’t follow their own orders.

The government has been telling people how “deadly and dangerous” this virus especially with this new Delta variant and to prevent this virus according to them they are forced to lockdown, close businesses, and mandate people to wear masks all the time. However; despite these mandates from the government these political elites hobnob with their friends at fancy restaurants with no masks and no social distancing.

Seeing government officials not following their own words and policies made the people have a massive breakdown in trust and lead people to question everything they’re being told…which is understandable.

And Nancy Pelosi is only one of these officials who violated their own policy about COVID-19. The mask mandate took effect in DC within 48 hours, however; Pelosi had already violated her own mandate and doing this daily.

They only make people confused about what they can see from these officials and what these officials want people to follow.

And not just Nancy, to people, even more, confuse here comes DC May Bowser not wearing her mask during her roof-top Birthday bash a day before the mask mandate took effect.

Many supporters of Mayor Bowser say that the mandate is for “indoors” and her bash was outdoors.

Well, not really…

Here she is indoors with Dave Chappelle.

And look how all those people are all packed together on that roof-top. I guess the social distancing stuff no longer matters? I didn’t get the memo on that one yet. It sends a very elitist, and confusing message.

It’s all very sciency, isn’t it?

Mayor Bowser is taking a lot of heat after this photo from the party leaked out.

Below are comments from people online:

 “I think it is time we need to start accepting tickets for violations, or whatever they are going to do to us. We can not just keep “complying”.”

“It’s an open-air semi-outdoor place but still a WILDLY bad look and she is gonna eat a lot of shit for it.”

“They keep doing it & it seems we are gonna keep complying.”


“They don’t care guys. We’re the peasants and they’re the royalty. ” 

Here’s another Dem mayor from New Orleans, who is calling for mask mandates, who herself is at a party with no mask – this time indoors.

It all feels very hypocritical and people have been seeing this type of stuff for a year now.

It’s really hard to take this all seriously, when the people telling us how “dire” everything is, seem the least worried.

They kept on telling that the virus is very dangerous, if it is really dangerous then they should have closed the border first and there shouldn’t be any elite politicians who can be seen around without masks on and not following their own made rules.

They kept on wondering why there were a lot of people who didn’t listen to them it is because these elites themselves didn’t even know how to follow their own rules. As simple as that.

Source: Wayne Dupree